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READ: Review, Freedom’s Stand by Jeanette Windle

What’s a literary fiction/romance/chick lit/YA girl like me doing in an action-adventure place like this? That’s what I wondered when I first opened Freedom’s Stand by Jeanette Windle. Its Aghanistan setting seemed as much out of my comfort zone as its characters’ lives of intrigue and adventure.  In this sequel to Windle’s Christy-nominated Veiled Freedom, Amy, a relief worker, returns to join forces with Steve, a former Special Forces officer, and Jamil, her former assistant and recent convert to Christianity. No, this didn’t seem like my kind of book at all. But I kept reading. Why? First, because the characters and I share a passion for people and for the cause of Christ. Second, because this story comes direct from both headlines and the prayer letters of friends who also work in NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in that part of the world. And third, because the author’s careful descriptions, realistic dialogue, and powerful plotline compelled me. Windle pulled me into her story and never let me go. Deception, suspense, imprisonment, and persecution amid inward and outward battles for faith and freedom—this book has it all. Read Veiled Freedom first, then hurry on into Freedom’s Stand. You’ll be glad you did.  Even if it’s not your kind of book.  (FTC disclaimer: I received an electronic Advanced Reading Copy of this book free from the author. I was not required to post a review or a positive...

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