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READ: Review, EXPOSURE by Brandilyn Collins

By nature, I’m a sponge. I soak up emotions, personalities, and spiritual atmosphere wherever I go. God has used this quality to help grow me as both an intercessor and a writer. But it also means that I can’t do some things. I can’t watch scary or intense-action movies (the characters show up in my dreams). I can’t read thrillers. And I certainly can’t attempt to peruse anything close to a horror novel. Except this one. As a writer, my sponge-like traits allow me to soak up and learn whatever I can from other writers’ websites, blog postings, etc. One such helpful site belongs to author Brandilyn Collins. I have long appreciated her heart for God and the wisdom she offers to others. One day, her blog post touched my heart so much that I sent an email to thank her. I told her I was a prime candidate for her “Big Honkin’ Chickens Club” but that her thoughtfulness and evident character had convinced me to read at least one of her novels. Brandilyn sent a thoughtful note in return. She also sent me a book. So yes, it’s possible the review is tainted by the kindness of Brandilyn’s gift—but, in view of the genre, I doubt it. So, without further ado: Exposure by Brandilyn Collins (Zondervan, 2009) Since her earliest days, fear has stalked Kacyee Raye. It followed her throughout her childhood, passed on by a mother who jumped at shadows and ran from whispers. It snaked its way through her young adulthood, bolstered by the tragic death of a close friend. And it crept into her writing when she began a popular column about facing paranoia. But which of her fears are real and which imaginary? Kacyee confronts that question when alarming images and mysterious messages appear in her home—on her camera, on her computer screen, and more. Is she crazy? The local police wonder. Kaycee does too. As the incidents and the tension escalate, something has to give. Will it be Kacyee herself? Brandilyn Collins does an amazing job of combining compelling characters with a page-turning plot. Previous reviewers who find Kaycee’s paranoia overdone have little understanding of how past wounds impact present reality. The book’s faith component is light but nonetheless appropriate. I’m not a fan of genres anywhere close to the author’s signature “seatbelt suspense,” but I couldn’t stop talking about this book. Well done, Ms. Collins. After a few more deep breaths, I might venture to pick up another of your titles. And—oh, yes—does this qualify me for the Smaller Honkin’ Chickens...

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