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YA Friday–READ: Praying for Your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

Today marks the start of a new Read. Write. Pray. feature. Since much of my work involves young adults (teens and above), I’ve decided to focus Friday posts on their needs and interests. I’ll go for “occasional” right now and work toward “regular” as we go. Extra shoutouts and hugs to my Awe Star and Never the Same/SUSIE Magazine friends! My inaugural post is a READ review of an amazing new book by two of my favorite authors: Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer. I chose to receive a free review copy of their latest title. Although I’d love to keep it, I want to share it. (See my note below to find out how.) Moms, dad, grandparents, and friends of either sex—this book makes a delightful graduation, engagement, birthday, or end-of-the-school-year gift. Check it out! Praying for Your Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart for His (Multnomah, 2011) presents a unique look at a crucial topic. Thousands of young women, including my four daughters, have grown up on Robin Jones Gunn’s novels. Imperfect-but-real characters like Todd and Christy, Sierra, and Katie have drawn many to relationships that reflect the purity of Christ. So why a nonfiction book with this subject? Because it’s needed. Because it’s necessary. And because Robin and Tricia present it in a way no one else could.  Both authors share their personal stories—including Tricia’s heartbreaking one of teen pregnancy—as a part of the prayer journey they travel alongside their readers. The adventure comes in short, reader-friendly bursts that explore the background for each of twelve prayer topics. Chapters such as “Pray He Will Be a God Lover” and “Pray for Protection” emphasize application to readers’ lives along with a sample prayer to match each topic.  I especially loved the book’s bonus features: chapter-ending questions suitable for journaling or small group discussion and a selection of Scriptures to pray for your future husband. Young friends, I believe in you. Your generation, surrendered to Christ, has the passion to change the world. This kind of transformation starts at home and in your heart. Buy and read this powerful book, but move beyond reading to prayer. You (and your future marriage) will never be the same. WIN  THE REVIEW COPY: Leave a comment on this review (or, if you have trouble commenting, via email through the “contact” link to the right) by midnight Sunday, May 15, and I’ll enter your name in a drawing to win the book. US addresses only,...

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