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PRAY: Pink Ribbon Prayer

A few months ago, I started posting prayers on my Facebook page. Well, not exactly prayers, but prayer-thoughts or notices about prayers I was praying. I asked God to show me a particular need, prayed, then posted a brief summary on my blog (“Marti Pieper is praying for . . .:) At first, I hesitated to do this. It’s too easy for prayer-publishing to become prayer-trumpeting. And if you’ve read my recent Disclaimer post, you know I’m far from a prayer expert. For those reasons, I kept my prayer-summaries short (one sentence) and simple (no explanations). God has a way of shining His glory through small things. And that’s what He did with those prayer-thoughts. As time passed, more and more people responded, so I posted them more often. Some thanked me for my prayers. Others blessed me with their honesty as they admitted a need. Still others told me my words prompted prayers of their own. And some gave a “thumbs-up” of affirmation (who doesn’t need a thumbs-up every so often?).  Of course, I experienced the blessings of those prayers as well. God and I agreed: I wouldn’t post a prayer unless I’d first prayed it. And His grace kept me praying it throughout the day.   I don’t plan to stop my prayer-summaries anytime soon. But the response and His quiet voice have led me to move beyond the summary. So far, I’ve used the PRAY days of my blog to teach some things God’s taught me about prayer. I’ll still do that sometimes. But today and in others to come, I want to post an actual prayer. Please know I intend these only as one small way to speak to God, to direct others’ thoughts and prayers, and to allow Him to use my words as He desires. Feel free to comment with a prayer need or other note. Thanks for reading, following, and especially for joining me in prayer. Father, Thank You that you are a great God and a great King above all gods. Today I come to You to lift up those who are victims of breast cancer. The pink ribbons are precious, the publicity incredible, but the disease itself is horrible. I see the enemy’s hand every time I learn of another friend who’s received this vicious diagnosis.  Dear Jesus, be with those dear women (and men) today. No matter where they are in the cancer journey, their lives will never be the same. Thank You for the bodies You have fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank You for the medical expertise which has yielded this diagnosis. God, give these precious ones gratitude in the midst of their suffering and peace in the midst...

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