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READ: Review, LIFE WITH LORD BYRON by Peggy Nelson

A lazy Sunday afternoon, a golf tournament on television. Nothing special, right? This year, the Byron Nelson Tournament seemed extra-special to me. Yes, sixteen-year-old competitor Jordan Spieth and tournament winner Jason Day provided some great golf moments. But these only added to the interest sparked by my recent reading of a new book about the tournament’s gentle giant and founder, the late Byron Nelson. In Life with Lord Byron: Laughter, Romance, and Lessons Learned from Golf’s Greatest Gentleman, Peggy Nelson pens a charming personal memoir. Her detailed recall of conversations and situations seems so natural that I was amazed to read she hadn’t kept a journal. The deep love that marked the Nelsons’ relationship and nearly twenty-year marriage must have kept her memories fresh. Bryon married Peggy, more than thirty years his junior, at age seventy-five. Since her husband retired in 1946 after a career that included the famous “Eleven Straight” PGA tournament victory streak, Peggy experienced none of his career firsthand. What she did experience, however, was a man of deep faith, love, and integrity. These same qualities overflowed from the pages of the many letters she received after she wrote professional golfers and other friends to request stories about her husband. Life with Lord Byron contains plenty to satisfy golfers, including a bonus CD that features Nelson himself recounting the story of PGA Tour’s greatest single-year achievement. But the book also speaks to the many who, like me, appreciate the power of a life well-lived. Peggy’s warm, thoughtful style gives Life with Lord Byron an appropriately inspirational tone. Thoughtful readers will glean much from a man who loved his game—but loved God and other people more. If God grants windows in heaven, I know golf’s greatest gentleman is smiling down on his bride’s latest achievement. Nice...

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