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PRAY: Prayer for Those Waiting to Bring Their Children Home

Do the words God speaks in the quiet ever scream? More and more, He’s reminded me about the thousands of children across the world who have no home. But He’s also burdened my heart for the many parents awaiting those children—parents with open arms, homes, and hearts. Parents who, for now, are waiting. I pray this prayer today (and many other days) for them. Join me? Lord God, I know You care about little ones. Your Son—who came to earth as a little one—told us that in Your kingdom, they matter. You honor the ones who honor them. For this and more, I praise You. Today, Jesus, I pray for these precious little ones by lifting up their parents-in-waiting. So many of them have watched as You worked to move them toward a specific child: a child who’s never lived with them, who wouldn’t recognize them but is already someone with a name, a purpose, a plan, and a destiny—someone these precious parents already call their own. Lord, when we knew You not, You called us Your own. When we turned away, You drew us toward Yourself in love. And when we were yet a long ways off, You ran to embrace us. Almighty King, we ask You now to allow these mommies and daddies to embrace their little ones. We ask You in Your abundant mercy to break the bonds, replenish the bank accounts, circumvent the red tape, and overcome the system. Great Redeemer, we ask You to buy back the time that has been lost to the enemy, to fill it and fuel it as only You can. Smooth out the rough places. Make the paths straight. Direct each detail. And God, I ask You to go before these parents. I know You as a Father to the fatherless. Touch these children with Your love. Hold them when their parents cannot. Wipe their tears before their parents can. And—because I know You’re never too busy—will you wipe the tears of the parents, too? Help each one, in the waiting, to know You more and to grow more like You. For each hour of waiting, make the resulting celebration sweeter. In Your Holy name I pray, AMEN.  Do you have an adoption story to share or someone who needs prayer regarding adoption? I’d love to have your comment.Bonus: Enjoy this precious video by my friend, worship artist, and adoptive mom-now-and-in-waiting Cindy Foote (and check out her No Double Yellow Line EP written for the adoption community).  And visit One Child Campaign‘s orphan initiative, too—a great place to learn more about the least of...

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