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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Face Impossible Situations

When I posted the subject of my prayer yesterday morning, I didn’t have a particular situation in mind. The day’s reading in my newest devotional favorite, Jesus Calling, exhorted me to remember God’s power in my weakness. As author Sarah Young says, “The more extreme your circumstances, the more likely you are to see My [God’s] Power and Glory at work in the situation.”  That statement drew me backward—to the times when I’ve faced extreme circumstances. It also propelled me forward—to those who face situations that seem impossible today. As the hours passed, God kept revealing these points of powerlessness: a neighbor’s stroke and resulting paralysis, a friend’s looming job loss, a teenager’s suicide attempt. Impossible? Only from our side of heaven. And maybe (with a God-shaped perspective) not even then. Father, today I want to lift before you all those situations we think are impossible. They surround us, they block us, they threaten to choke out our lives and our hope. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. You tell us your power comes into its own in our weakness, that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Amen, our wise Counselor, let it be so. May your kingdom come with victory, your hand reach down with might into each of these situations. May your glory explode through them to shape both people and circumstances according to your will. May those who see the end and know the beginning recognize your hand and realize your truth. Dear Savior, make all things new. Grant the ones who stare up at the cold lights of the operating room your peace beyond understanding. Blaze forth your light to those who live where darkness abounds. Give the ones trapped in debt and depression a hope and a future. Feed the ones who hunger, give those who mourn abiding joy.  Thank you, mighty King, that we can trust your sovereign, loving hand. And when we encounter those situations where we feel more powerful and less dependent, would you please show that without you, all these are impossible, too? In your holy name I ask—AMEN....

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