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READ: I MUST DECREASE by Janice Hanna Thompson (Author Interview)

ANNOUNCING New e-book release by comedic author, Janice Hanna Thompson: I Must Decrease: Biblical Inspiration and Encouragement for Dieters Janice, can you tell us a little about your non-fiction e-book book, I MUST DECREASE? Sure! As a comedic author, I usually write light-hearted stories. I’m known as the funny girl. I get the giggles and chuckle my way through most situations. Not everything is funny, however. When it came to my weight, however, I had very little to laugh about. Most of my readers didn’t realize the health crisis I was facing as a result of the added pounds. I needed to get things under control, so I started counting calories and watching what I ate. Out of that came my non-fiction book, I MUST DECREASE (which released in paperback in 2005). The book is set up in a daily devotional format and it meant to bring humor (as well as dieting tips) to Christians who need/want to lose weight. Why did you choose the title I MUST DECREASE? The title came as a result of a prayer time at church. I’d gone up for prayer and the gentleman praying for me used the scripture (John 3:30) as he prayed for me: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” For whatever reason, it got me tickled. I’d never thought about that particular scripture having anything to do with dieting before, but it suddenly felt right. Can you tell us about the layout of the book? Each day’s devotion offers the following: ·         Ticklers: A humorous quote or “thought for the day” to tickle your funny bone. ·         Tidbits: A “Did You Know?” area offering tidbits of information from multiple sources. ·         Traps: Common misconceptions and/or food “traps” we often fall into ·         Tricks: “Tricks of the trade” to help you stick with your plan ·         Treats: Clever snack and food ideas for the healthy eater ·         Testimonies: Personal testimonies of others who’ve faced the weight loss challenge and won (including some prominent personalities) ·         Treasures: Daily scripture reference ·         Tips: Devotional for the day, based on the daily scripture above ·         Turning Your Focus: A variety of ways you can reach out to others ·         Today’s Food Choices: A reminder to write down your daily food choices ·         Thoughts on Paper: Encouragement to keep a daily journal entry Why did you choose the humorous approach? Being overweight is nothing to laugh at, but most people who want to lose weight are tired of the serious, “Thou shalt not” approach. Many are ready for a lighthearted look at weight loss–“a practical devotional approach that offers scriptural advice in a way that encourages and never condemns. I decided to share light-hearted...

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