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Test Post: High Concept and the Book of Ruth

For weeks as the good people at Tekeme Studios and I have worked on my website, this space has been filled with “Test post for Testing. Test post for Testing.” That dynamic start earned me a comment–and at least one follower. So, before I launch the real thing, I thought I’d replace those words with, well, a test post for testing. It began as a journal entry and ended as something else. My husband tells me I’m a hopeful romantic. If you’ve seen Romancing the Stone, you remember the phrase. Kathleen Turner plays a writer given to many tears and much drama (I won’t continue the parallel). Anyway, hopeful romantics love stories. And this hopeful romantic especially loves stories like the Old Testament book of Ruth. It demonstrates the practical outworking of faith. It shows the necessity of relationships. It emphasizes that people matter to God. And it reveals how an unlikely circumstance and an unknown widow become perfect vehicles for his grace, mercy, and power. Like any great story, the book of Ruth contains much to admire. I sigh at its tragic-but-true opening. I marvel at Ruth’s quiet determination. I applaud as her love and a heritage of faith move Naomi from bitter to blessed. I love the way God uses Naomi’s wisdom to do what Ruth never expected. The book’s Cinderella ending comes not because Naomi is wise or Ruth is righteous but because God loves. God gives. Because those things are true, we still have stories to write and truth to tell. I’m grateful. People in my writing world talk a lot about “high concept”–the elements of a story that make it a page-turner, that allow it to unfold as a movie in your mind. Compelling characters, fast-moving plot, unexpected twists and turns–you guessed it. God has high concept down. And Ruth’s story? It’s got it all. Father, may I be a Ruth for someone today. Let me be the one who holds onto love in a place of hatred, who hangs onto hope in a desperate time. Let me be the one whose heart and lips voice your truth before my heart comprehends it. Let me follow you and never turn back. And yes, God, let me see your Redeemer. Let me not get so busy picking up sheaves that I miss Him. He’s at the edge of the field. He’s waiting. Let me see, know, and experience his...

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