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READ: Review, Flourish by Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.

(Comment below for the opportunity to win a copy). I chose an interesting time of year to read Flourish: Discover the Daily Joy of Abundant, Vibrant Living by Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D. (Bethany House, 2010). Christmastime in our family tends to be anything but relaxed. This book’s emphasis on the essentials helped pull me back to center. Although Weber makes no secret of her Christian faith, she doesn’t blast readers with Scripture. And although she’s a licensed marriage and family therapist, she doesn’t lose them in psychobabble, either. Instead, Flourish offers the spiritual encouragement and practical advice readers need to move into the abundance of life as God designed it. After three chapters that introduce the basic concepts of flourishing, the book moves into a discussion of four systems (Relationship Attachment, Joy and Pleasure, Peace and Tranquility, Hope and Resilience) which, properly nurtured and maintained, yield a life that can’t help but flourish. The author’s attention to detail yields a book that speaks to readers’ needs and interests. True-life stories touch the heart, guided questionnaires encourage personal exploration, and practical exercises move the teaching from information to action. Don’t read this book. Instead, take time to absorb and apply it. As you move from frustration to flourish, you’ll find yourself like me—grateful. I’d love to share the joy of this delightful read. Post a comment here (make sure to leave a link or contact information) by midnight Friday, Dec. 17, and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win  your own...

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