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PRAY: Prayer for Summer Missionaries

This morning, I leave for my short-term missions trip to Ecuador with SUSIE Magazine. I go as the writer charged with sharing the story of the trip; as a seminar leader; and above all as a missionary and servant to my fellow missionaries. My heart overflows with prayers for these more than 300 teens and what God intends to do through them as well as for Awe Star Ministries and my own teen daughters who begin their ministries in Peru and Latvia today. This summer, many others will travel to serve in short-term missions. Will you join me in praying for them today? Lord, I praise You because of Your great love—a love that extends to all nations, all peoples. What an honor we have to carry Your love to other countries. What an honor we have to serve You as we carry Your life within us, ready to spill out as we go. Today, Lord, I ask You to go before us and prepare the way. Prepare the soil in the countries we go that it may be soft for Your touch. Protect the people who listen and who speak from the evil one—fill the land with Your presence and banish him by the power of Your Word and Your shed blood. Open their hearts, open their lives to hear not from us but from You. Prepare my fellow missionaries and me as well, God. Prepare our hearts that we may be worthy vessels. Prepare our hands that we may be willing servants and our minds that we may be wise counselors. Prepare our feet that we may be sure travelers and our mouths that we may be sound proclaimers. Prepare us, revive us, restore us to follow You. I thank you, God, that You are the giver of all good gifts and have many in store for us this summer. Help us to receive everything as from Your hand, to trust You from moment to moment and step to step. Thank You for choosing us and using us as we go. In Your holy name I pray—AMEN. Are you praying for summer missionaries? Please tell us about them so we can lift them up as...

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