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PRAY: Captives Set Free

 Father, how can I help but thank you for the amazing victories we witnessed yesterday? Thank you that so much about the day’s events spoke of you, from heartfelt tears and hugs to the miner who dropped to his knees. Thank you for the technological expertise that made the rescue safe and smooth. Thank you for the miners’ relative health and safety. Thank you for their physical and emotional strength. Thank you for your provision of so many little things that became big things during their time underground. God, I also want to thank you for the way you used this captivity to begin the process of freedom. You shed your light on illicit relationships, addictions, and other bonds. I pray that as these men heal and recover, they will continue to confront these issues and—more importantly—confront you. Jesus, I know so many of us remain captive. The enemy longs to keep us there, bound by sin and self. But you’ve broken his power by your shed blood on the cross.  Shatter these bonds, Lord Jesus, with the truth that sets free. Use our weakness and need to draw us closer to you. In your holy, life-giving,  chain-shattering name I...

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