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Prayer for Those Who Need to Stop Playing Games

Dear Friend, “Stop playing games.” We hear it so often it’s become cliché. But when people manipulate rules, rhetoric, and relationships, it doesn’t feel cliché, does it? Game-playing hurts. It wounds those deceived by the game. It harms those in any of the circles touched by the game. And of course, it hurts the game-player, too. Today’s prayer addresses this problem. As you read it, please know I’m praying for you or those you know who find themselves in this situation, intentionally or not. Lord of life and truth, I come to you today concerned about those who play games. I know about games because I’ve played them myself. I’ve acted like someone I’m not. I’ve used words to impress or deceive. I’ve even—at times—used you, or what people perceived as my relationship with you. So first, forgive me, Lord. Forgive me for the times I’ve been less than honest. Forgive me for putting my own reputation above yours. Forgive me for manipulating the scene or situation to make myself appear to be someone I’m not. And Lord, for those trapped in game-playing, please tear down the tiles. Take away their pieces. Throw the board in the air. Do whatever it takes, God, to cancel the game and the steps and schemes it includes. Bind the enemy and the shadows his involvement adds. I ask, Oh God, that you bring your truth, your light, your healing into this game-playing web of destruction. Let your Word have prominence and your truth pre-eminence. Cast down strongholds. Lift up the weak, the fallen, the scheming. And amidst it all, reveal your glory. We praise you, our Lord, for you are a mighty king. You are a sovereign master. You triumph over every lofty thing and lift up every low one as you choose. Thank you for hearing our cries and for stopping the game-players before they pass Go, before they collect $200. Thanks for your simple, sufficient love. In your name I pray—AMEN. Do you know someone caught in the deception of game-playing? Or do you find yourself in this snare? Feel free to share your prayer request here, on Facebook, or through the email link at the top of the page. Please know you’re on my heart and in my prayers as always. For His glory,  ...

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