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Prayer for Those Who Have Been Wounded by Words

My Father, So many times when I post prayers, people comment back: “That means everyone!” or “That applies to all of us.” I know. And so do you. I wish “wounded by words” didn’t apply to so many. I wish these wounds could be fixed with a kiss, a band-aid, or even a good dose of antibiotics or some secure stitches. But no. The wounds caused by words tend to go much deeper, and the resulting infection remains much longer. Sometimes the word-wounds seem small. A tossed-off comment, a quick word of correction, a thoughtless assumption that hints at anger. But, depending on the recipient, a small wound can plunge deep, can open a tender place—perhaps one still healing from a previous injury. And in this way, little barbs become gaping holes and small statements, large lacerations. Words hurt. They hurt especially when they come from those we respect, even love. Those who have, in one way or another, power over our lives. Those we want to please. Those we seek to honor. Those who often pour their words like kerosene over a smoldering fire, sparking it into a flame that destroys as it grows. Lord, in your mercy, will you stop those words from forming? And if they do form, will you send them another way? Put a block between the source and the ears—and especially the tender heart—of the hearer. Cause the pointed arrows to miss their mark. And where those fireballs and arrows have struck, remove the pain. But Father, don’t just remove it. I ask you to replace it with your power to heal, your light to conquer darkness, your truth to overcome the horror of lies, your love to rule and reign in places where hate had dominion. For your grace to abound. Oh God, clean out the depravity surrounding these wounds—no matter how painful that process may be—and pour your cleansing victory through each one. Let no one remain trapped in their hurt. And use these wounded ones as healers for others, God. Let their words become grace seasoned with salt to lift others up in time of need. For their good and your glory, always and ever, AMEN. Dear Friends, If your life has been wounded by words (and yes, that’s most if not all of you), feel free to share a comment or prayer need below or on social media. I’m here to pray. for his glory,    Marti...

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